Lag and Lead information and its impact on a company’s sales success. Most sales managers only have access to lag information as an indicator of a sales reps skill and effectiveness. Lag information is information that becomes available at the end of the month and may include information like sales amount, performance over quota, leads nurtured and prospects created and while this information is important it does not help the sales manager with insight into the whys, how’s and what’s of a sales reps performance. Lead indicators give the sales manager this information and have a longer and bigger impact on a sales success. Let me explain in this way. Let’s say a person is trying to lose weight. Lag information is the person’s weight at the end of the month and while it is the score card to the result and important it does not help you understand why that person lost or gained weight and it is too late to do anything about it. Lead information in this example helps you understand the result. How much did you eat, how much exercise did you have, did you eat late and what did you eat. Etc. Lead information allows you to understand and appreciate the result and the lag information.

Front Row’s real time sales reporting gives you the best lead information in the industry and will give your sales managers the ability to become better coaches and leaders and have a bigger impact on managing a successful sales team.

This video presents some of the unique reports that front Row provides to a company’s sale and management teams