Real time reporting is not easy to provide and is the most unique feature that Front Row brings to the sales reporting market. In order for a system to champion real time reporting it has to be fast and easy to use. It also must reward the sales rep or they just won’t use the system.

When mobile workers do their activity reports immediately after their call, this opens up a world of insight to both employee and customer. This real time call information is key to helping any organization make accurate, informed decisions for their company.

Front Row believes an accountable and productive mobile worker is key to any company success. Never again wonder where your sales rep is, how many calls have been made or what was accomplished during any time frame. Any successful reporting tool needs buy in from the outside user or it is bound to fail. Front Row has developed unique and user friendly productivity tools to help any outside user stay more organized and efficient. Front Rows account mapping, automated task assignments, email sync and mileage tracker are just some of the features designed specifically for the mobile worker.