Awesome customer service!!

Paul Ohm Owner Eve Products Inc

Many thanks. As ever you have delivered this against such tight timescales. Very much appreciated.

Sandra R VP of Sales

I really like the changes made to the mobile version where you can see all your notes very easily.

Dan O – Sales Rep Yellow Page Industry

I love the system!It ties up with my Siri so adding comments is easy and fast.

William D - Sales Rep Auto Parts Manufacturer

Very easy to access and utilize.Live results are great

Kathy T - Sales Rep Medical Industry

The iPhone app has developed markedly in functionality. As smart phones take over the business technological niche along with tablets this is necessary.

Cameron C - Sales Rep Technology Industry

I use the mobile app. It works really well. It is easy to operate.

Wendy B - Sales Rep Finance Industry

I really enjoy the simplicity of doing expenses.

Juan R - Sales Rep Pharmaceutical Industry

Good for the immediate recording of Sales Calls in the field.

Phillip M - Sales Rep Food and Beverage Industry

As you know, we are extremely happy with the software and it is a huge advantage to have moving forward with Eve Products. I have a friend who has her business, and she is looking for something to manage her clients as well. I was just wondering how much it would cost for her to buy the software and how she could go about setting it up? I showed her how it works and she was really impressed

Cody Ohm Sales/Operations Eve Products