We champion a company’s efforts to drive sales rep productivity and sales. We enhance the flow of information that can only be gathered through sales reporting to help company’s make informed decisions.

Companies need their sales teams to be working at full capacity but research suggests that they work at less than 60%. Our own research at Front Row has revealed an even bleaker scenario that 75% of sales reps work less than a six hour day and 60% less than five. For most companies sales are not only the most expensive component of the entire budget but management has no information regarding the effectiveness or capacity of their sales team. This combination of increased quantity and improved quality will have a dramatic impact on your company's revenue.

Improved Corporate Strategy:

Company's need their sales reps to do sales reports every day. Research has suggested that CRM compliance levels have dropped to under 40%. These CRM systems are too difficult to learn, and too difficult to use, and do not engage the sales rep. How can you expect to make good judgment calls for your company when the most important resource, the sales rep, is not participating? At Front Row, we guarantee compliance levels at over 95%. What a huge benefit your company will receive when all or almost all sales reps are submitting reports and these reports are consistent from rep to rep (sales process activity card). Expect better customer feedback, insightful product enhancements suggestions, improved sales strategies and customer driven product development.

Enhance Marketing Efforts:

Companies spent a lot of money on marketing, branding and lead generation without a lot of insight into results gained. At Front Row we can transform these efforts into sales by not only tracking those leads from creation to completion but also provide feedback as to the success of the different marketing initiatives. The result is a more focused marketing effort with more quality leads for the sales reps leading to increased revenue for both the sales reps and the company.

Better Communication:

Most companies could use improvement when it comes to communication and this is especially true between the management team and the sales force. At FrontRow we pride ourselves in our ability to improve your company's communication.

Our impact on communication starts from our first meeting with the creation of the sales process activity card when input from all departments is valued. The resulting real time sales reports from 95% of your sales team provide valuable information back to the management team and company. The message centre can accommodate a number of multiple options:

  • Marketing feedback
  • Customer support
  • Improved sales rep retention