The Front Row system provides both generic and custom reports to our clients. Below you will find 2 reports that will provide insight into your sales performance and customer data.

In this report we are showing the Results for one rep from one week of sales calls. Notice that you have the week broken down into 5 individual days. You can see the first and last call of each day, sales result and close ratio. The Results for one rep from one week of sales calls. You will be able to get this type of information for every sales rep in any time frame.

In report 2 we are comparing sales rep activity and sales amount since the start of the year. You will be able to view the activity levels of each rep and total sales by each rep. This will also allow you to obtain the average sales amount by rep. The selectable filters will allow you to change any date range, any region or district, or even individual reps. Never before has it been so easy to analyze your sales team and find your most productive reps.

There are thousands of reports that you can create using this reporting engine. We will work with you to design the perfect reports for your company. Remember each one of these reports can be turned into an excel spreadsheet for manipulation or hard copy.