After a sales call, the sales rep completes and submits a sales report. The sales report is sent to the Front Row servers. Messages can be sent by our smart phone app (compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android devices), our mobile internet site, or by computer (logging into the Front Row home page). Companies can use one method of message delivery, or a combination, whichever is easiest and most effective for their business. Sales reps can send messages in 30 seconds or less!

    When the message hits the FrontRow Server we:
  • Identify the sales rep that sent the message
  • Identify the client that was called on
  • Date and time stamp the message
  • Populate the information into the customized dashboard (More)
  • Populate the client database with all critical information from that visit, adding to the historical database for that client
  • Populate a sales rep analytics database

This whole process takes less than 5 seconds after the message has been received by our servers!

    Once the information sent by sales reps has been compiled, the management team has access to real time sales call metrics and updates including:
  • Time of day that all sales calls were made by the reps
  • Which clients were visited
  • Number of sales calls by each rep
  • The selling hours
  • Time spent on selling, administration, phone calls, etc
  • Benchmarking information by sales rep, district and region
  • Purpose, result and follow up date for every sales call.
  • The FrontRow solution holds your sales force accountable and results in increased productivity.