Mission Statement

To help our customers improve their revenue and profit by providing a user-friendly, productivity-rich CRM system that is helpful and engaging for the sales rep and provides real-time insight to the sales management team.


Front Row’s focus is the sales rep. That is the fundamental difference between us and the rest of the field. There is a market place full of CRM systems designed by IT experts that assume they know what is best for the sales rep. They do not have the benefit of experience. Everyone on Front Row’s management team began their careers as sales reps. We have all been frustrated working with these IT focused CRM systems and we have found them wanting. We searched industry websites, blogs and articles and discovered that we were not alone in our dissatisfaction with CRM product options. We discovered huge CRM failure rates and extremely low sale rep compliance. We interviewed hundreds of sales reps in an effort to find out what they wanted in a CRM system. This research revealed that sales reps were looking for an easy to learn, fast and easy to use, mobile-based reporting system that would help them improve their sales and ultimately earn them more money. The market was looking for an alternative – one focused on the sales rep and the sales manager. What you will find in this website is the result of more than 4 years of careful product development, testing and review. We have developed a system that a sales rep can learn in less than 10 minutes; a sales rep can complete a sales report from a mobile device immediately after a call in less than 30 seconds and one that provides significant productivity tools to help increase sales and earn higher commissions. For the sales manager, we provide real time insight and information into every sales call, every customer contact and every sales rep. A sales manager need never manage reps with blinders on again. Front Row can be used as a stand- alone fully functional CRM or can be integrated into any of the current legacy CRM systems bringing sales rep engagement and buy-in to some not so sales rep friendly CRM systems. We have integrated into Sales Force, ACT, Sugar, MicroSoft Dynamics as well as many other less known and home grown systems. I hope you will review and evaluate the Front Row System. I believe you will be impressed and your sales reps will love it. Our customers achieve sales rep compliance levels of 95% or better enabling us to provide our customers with databases that are both accurate and relevant.

Executive Team

Etien D’Hollander, CEO/Founder –

Etien is a career sales person who has spent over 30 years selling in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. His success in sales has given him the opportunity to explore his enterprising spirit. Etien started and sold several companies which have allowed him to focus on his true passion – sales and sales rep professionalism. Etien started Front Row Solutions in 2008 after percolating ideas around how to improve and engage the sales rep in sales reporting to benefit both the sales rep and the company. Etien is an angel investor and advisor to several small companies and sits on several management teams. Etien loves sports and is a voracious reader. He enjoys travelling and spending time with his family. Etien can be reached at etien@frontrow-solutions.com.

Paul Miniotas, VP Operations -

Paul started his career in finance and economics and moved into the area of operations when a corporate need arose. Paul found operations to be his forte and quickly moved up the corporate ladder participating and leading teams in many different areas including customer support, sales support, product development and IT. Of particular note was Paul's involvement with government regulatory committees, quality assurance standardization, redundancy protection and security policies. Paul left the corporate world to start his own company and successfully launched and sold 2 companies in Telecommunications industry. As an entrepreneur, Paul found himself in sales and was pleasantly surprised how much he enjoyed selling. Paul attributes much of his company's successes to his sales accomplishments. Paul joined Front Row Solutions as a consultant in 2008 when he was responsible for establishing Front Row's security policies and redundancy protection plans. Paul re-joined Front Row full time in 2010 as VP of Operations. Paul lives with his wife and twin boys in Jacksonville, Florida where he enjoys family time coaching his boys and playing hockey and golf. Paul can be reached at paul.miniotas@frontrow-solutions.com.

Michael D’Hollander, Customer Satisfaction Manager -

Michael started his career in customer service and sales support before moving to inside sales for a lead generation company in Boston. Mike carried the bag for 3 years as an outside rep in the medical industry. Mike joined the Front Row Solution’s team in 2009 focusing on customer training and implementation before taking over the role of Customer Satisfaction Manager. Mike’s team handles customer support, implementation and training. Mike is a sports enthusiast, playing hockey, soccer, basketball and golf as well as an avid reader. Mike can be reached at michael@frontrow-solutions.com.

Leslie Thompson, VP Finance –

Leslie’s arrival into the world of finance was neither planned nor embraced. Leslie began her sales career in real estate before moving into medical sales. Her sales career was put on hold for family. During this time, she explored the accounting world and eventually took on a book keeping role for a medical company, her former employer. Leslie’s commitment to detail and her organizational skills combined with constant educational upgrades allowed her to quickly climb the corporate ladder. Leslie took over the financial responsibilities of her company and her first role as VP Finance. Leslie has been involved in several start ups as well as orchestrated the sale of several companies. Leslie has been instrumental in over-seeing the financial health of Front Row Solutions. Leslie is an avid golfer, reader and fitness freak and lives with her husband and 4 children in Mississauga, ON. Leslie can be reached at leslie@frontrow-solutions.com.